Notes Without Meaning

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  1. The fourth dimension. To know an object by passing through it.
  2. The senses. Perception through the senses. aristotle
  3. The moon, the sun and the stars.
  4. The soul does not die.
  5. Plasma.
  6. The four elements: air, water, fire, earth.
  7. Henri Bergson.
  8. Aristotle.
  9. Immanuel Kant.
  10. The Critique of Pure Reason
  11. God
  12. Pack of wolves
  13. The concept of cause and effect
  14. Materiality
  15. Eternity
  16. Reality.
  17. Sensations.
  18. Create energy for your group;
  19. Creating energy using good/needed/profitable deeds;
  20. Create as much energy as you can;
  21. Brain activity was detected after death;
  22. The light;
  23. Catch and release fishing principle;
  24. Those who owe you;
  25. Those to whom you owe
  26. And the chirping of sparrows has a cause. The cause has to do with you.
  27. Reality is not what we perceive. We live in a simulation.
  28. Reality is behind what we perceive.
  29. Don’t attribute anything to chance or luck.
  30. Cause of motion.
  31. Reality cannot be known with the help of reason.
  32. Abandon judgment.
  33. Do good to others.
  34. Make yourself usefull.
  35. The nature guides you. The nature gives you signs. At the beginning you do not see them. When you start to perceive them, you do not know how to interpret them.
  36. Do not trust experience or practice.
  37. Ernst Henkel, The Riddle Of The Universe.
  38. God also takes, not just gives;
  39. Everything is under control;
  40. Experience is illusion;
  41. Metaphysics helps you understand the real causes;
  42. Metaphysics helps you understand the real way in which nature functions;
  43. Metaphysics helps you understand the way in which actions God ;
  44. Do not put your trust in science;
  45. Do not put your trust in math;
  46. Nature cand be good or bad with you;
  47. Do not believe you know nature s laws. Nature s laws are not physics laws.
  48. Do not trust reason;
  49. Life creates germs to you. They are independent from your will.
  50. The soul can not be destroyed;
  51. The ether;
  52. The universe responds. You receive the result of what you have given;
  53. Carbon and cloroform;
  54. The circle of mutual debts;
  55. Energy creates phenomena;
  56. It is at least being studied whether the soul is a substance;
  57. Energy creates events. Positive or negative. Both positive and negative;
  58. Achieving nirvana creates energy;
  59. Sexual pleasure creates energy;
  60. The Word has life;
  61. The Word reacts;
  62. The Word has will;
  63. Heaven and Hell exist;
  64. Any event, including negative events, has meaning and represents a lesson to be learned;
  65. When God takes you something, He also gives you something;
  66. Man is in the moddle of a system of mutual debts;
  67. Death is the one who draws the line;
  68. The negative event erases a debt;
  69. You play on a stage with spectators;
  70. Don’t let yourself be affected by negative events. Say “Glory be to Allah”;
  71. Allah puts words in your mouth; Allah guides you what to say;
  72. Pay attention to the words;
  73. The devil sends you for a walk;
  74. The devil deceives you;
  75. The devil tells you he loves you;
  76. Rules are rules;
  77. Don’t ask for your share;
  78. The truth is deeper than it seems;
  79. In life it’s like in sports: there is a timeout;
  80. The universe accumulates energy;
  81. Don’t drink the dogs’ water;
  82. Man eats and digests;
  83. The blood circulates;
  84. Centrifugal and centripetal forces;
  85. The distinction between soul and body;
  86. The evolution of the soul. Development of the soul;
  87. State of consciousness;
  88. Transmigration of souls;
  89. Force;
  90. The law of attraction;
  91. Psihoplasm;
  92. Attraction and repulcion;
  93. Entropy of the universe;
  94. Unconsumed energy;
  95. Chance does not exist;
  96. Phylogeny of the soul;
  97. Embryology of the soul;
  98. Plasma theory;
  99. Hacking the system of the soul;
  100. The importance of Church is beyond measure;
  101. Humanity evolves through science;
  102. The emergence of civilization;
  103. The will is free;
  104. The origin of conscience;
  105. Revelations are void;
  106. True knowledge of the world;
  107. The immaterial world;
  108. Atoms are dead;
  109. God is alive;
  110. Reciprocal fishing;
  111. Life is not explained by the theory of evolution.
  112. Life is not explained mechanically;
  113. Animal blood cells do not have a nucleus (?)
  114. The theory of evolution is null;
  115. The man’s sperm are not part of the sperm from which he is born;
  116. Placenta;
  117. Human embryology;
  118. And God created you from a clot of blood;
  119. The Bible is described history;
  120. What is the relationship between mind and soul?
  121. Psychophysics;
  122. Law of persistence of force;
  123. Man has no will of his own;
  124. Heart and veins;
  125. Consciousness is determined by the soul;
  126. Persistence of matter;
  127. The riddle of the soul;
  128. Weightless matter, where the force of gravity does not manifest itself.
  129. The soul has no weight;
  130. Anemones, definition;
  131. Creatures of the Deep;
  132. Genesis=origin, birth;
  133. Criticism of the practical reason;
  134. The shell has an interior;
  135. The external will is null;
  136. Look for the cause of the noise;
  137. Tawhid definition;
  138. Metaphysics is physics about physics. It’s the physics of physics.
  139. Metaphysics is a science;
  140. Metaphysics is the science of knowing God, divinity, soul and true reality;
  141. In metaphysics there are no probabilities;
  142. Objects don’t have the shape you see, you have to consider the fourth dimension;
  143. Metaphysics can be known starting from theology, physics, philosophy.
  144. A priori knowledge;
  145. Human senses are developed to perceive 3D objects. If the world had only three dimensions, geometry would no longer make sense.
  146. Humans do not perceive the forth dimension;
  147. Don’t let someone else feed your ego;
  148. Energy is in balance;
  149. Reason cannot be completely satisfied (Kant);
  150. When you take from someone, you take death;
  151. Everything that flies can be eaten;
  152. Everything that moves can be eaten;
  153. When you fall asleep, the soul leaves the body;
  154. When you have nothing to do with someone, you marry him or her;
  155. The world forms dykes;
  156. The world builds a story around you;
  157. The world plants the seeds of the future ahead of time;
  158. Hijacked destiny;
  159. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (Nietzsche?);
  160. All the world’s a stage (Shakespeare);
  161. Study theology;
  162. Everything has its time (Bible);
  163. God exists;
  164. Hell and Heaven exists;
  165. Grammatical gymnastics (Ernst Haeckel);
  166. The Missing Link Between Man and Ape;
  167. Do not seek the truth;
  168. Matter and energy;
  169. Spells can be cast in the world;
  170. Try to fish God;
  171. Information must be verified;
  172. Some of the information in this text is incorrect;
  173. People act in pursuit of self-interest;
  174. Vital force;
  175. You hook the fish from where it is.
  176. True Christians are fishers of men;
  177. The Bible contains no mysticism;
  178. God and the Church fish;
  179. The Bible is a great fishing manual;
  180. Man is alone in the world;
  181. A species of fish has been discovered that fishes for itself;
  182. God is good;
  183. God is love;
  184. The mystery of birth;
  185. You don’t pick the playing cards that come your way;
  186. what is the task?
  187. The origin of the race and the origin of the individual;
  188. God leaves you the things you need and takes away the things you don’t need;
  189. God tries you both with good and with evil;
  190. Nature was created by God;
  191. A herd comes to you, not an individual;
  192. What scene from the play is being played at the theater now?
  193. Find your way to peace (?)
  194. Peace is in the other world;
  195. Everything has a purpose. Purpose is not your friend;
  196. The healthiest is alive food;
  197. Man alters his reality;
  198. Man delivers scripts;
  199. Brain cortex;
  200. Carbon is the basis of all combinations;
  201. The devil hits you with something else;
  202. In every thing there is a riddle;
  203. The world is a vast hunting ground;
  204. Man negotiates with God;
  205. The devil creates an impression;
  206. The science of evolution;
  207. You give the fish worms;
  208. Planted from distance fishing;
  209. Diet of worms (Martin Luther);
  210. What are the sources of motion?
  211. At every stage of life you have a riddle to solve;
  212. The devil is extremely adaptable;
  213. Do things yourself;
  214. Prove the opposite of thirty years;
  215. A contraction may occur;
  216. Protoplasm;
  217. There is no such thing as no escape;
  218. Nature is created according to a design;
  219. Don’t chase the money;
  220. Eat;
  221. Human blood;
  222. Human skin;
  223. Man does not evolve;
  224. Life has no questions;
  225. You have the spine to stand straight;
  226. Your purpose in life is to eat the food you are given;
  227. If you don’t know where you will move from the house you live in, it may be the last house you live in.
  228. Feed your soul;
  229. Genetics;
  230. The devil checks;
  231. The soul is the source of movement;
  232. DNA;
  233. Allah created you in pairs;
  234. The great white shark eats people;
  235. The devil makes you fear death;
  236. The world is a great slaughterhouse;
  237. Life does not involve questions;
  238. Animals have no intellect;
  239. From my piece of bread, I fed a snake and a dog, The dog still knows me, The snake doesn’t recognize me.
  240. The devil gives you presents;
  241. The devil gives you supplements;
  242. The devil casts and sees what sticks;
  243. The greatest trick the devil played was to make the world think he didn’t exist;
  244. All God serves you is food. Even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.
  245. The stages through which the embryo passes;
  246. The devil wants to take your soul;
  247. If you let him, the devil takes your soul;
  248. Troubles are for your good;
  249. The devil drugs people;
  250. The devil is attentive to your desires;
  251. The devil is the opposition;
  252. God fights with the devil;
  253. It may not happen;
  254. Don’t cry, bring;
  255. Man brings daily;
  256. Man eats daily;
  257. The devil responds rapidly. The devil’s intention is to hook you as quickly as possible.
  258. The devil performs a play in the mirror;
  259. The devil is an excellent film director;
  260. In every stage you play with those to whom you owe;
  261. That’s the game;
  262. Isaac, their father, blessed Jacob’s brother to live by his sword.
  263. The soul reincarnates;
  264. The devil tries with gifts;
  265. Don’t touch the money;
  266. If you need money for them, it means you don’t need them;
  267. Reciprocity of force;
  268. Any event involves energy;
  269. What you lack you don’t need;
  270. We are all brothers and sisters;
  271. When the fight was prescribed for you, you plunged into love;
  272. You play alone A G A I N S T a team;
  273. You play alone;
  274. You play A G A I N S T;
  275. The world is stupid;
  276. Induction and deduction;
  277. The devil shows you that it doesn’t hurt him;
  278. The Devil’s Seeds;
  279. Life is a dance;
  280. What is not explained has explanation;
  281. The devil is always at work;
  282. The devil starts by giving you correct information;
  283. The dance with the devil;
  284. The devil earns your trust first;
  285. If you fight the devil, God makes your enemies like brothers;
  286. The pills don’t taste good;
  287. Love has no price;
  288. Love is an illusion;
  289. The only beloved is Allah;
  290. Souls can be redeemed;
  291. All that comes at you is a bullet. Only bullets are coming at you;
  292. Life is a negotiation;
  293. To negotiate you must have strength;
  294. Don’t negotiate;
  295. Be careful not to run out of fuel;
  296. The child;
  297. The dance of life is the waltz;
  298. With your waltz partner you are in a race;
  299. You besiege the fortress until it gives way;
  300. There is a force or matter that exceeds the will of God;
  301. Let the thief steal;
  302. The key to peace is not in this world;
  303. The opposition is the world;
  304. The world is hell;
  305. Whatever comes to you is an anemone;
  306. Hell has the appearance of a slaughterhouse;
  307. Now the singers dance;
  308. Matter can be disorganized by energy. Energy can disorganize matter.
  309. Energy can create chaos at the level of matter;
  310. The first signs are weak;
  311. The first signs are not obvious;
  312. Don’t parade on the catwalk;
  313. The demographic riddle;
  314. Energy can be stopped by solving the demographic riddle;
  315. Energy can be stopped by creating incalculable debt;
  316. God creates energy;
  317. God disorganizes;
  318. The devil has no power in relation to God;
  319. God finds out;
  320. The energy can be stopped by repairing the wrongs of the past;
  321. The energy can be stopped by redeeming past mistakes;
  322. God is the wrong-repairing energy;
  323. God is life;
  324. The devil puts you to sleep;
  325. God lets the devil play with fire;
  326. The devil corrupts;
  327. Don’t take money;
  328. Do not accept benefits;
  329. Humans are God’s slaves;
  330. God created men to glorify him;
  331. Children are God’s;
  332. The universe is God’s;
  333. There are an infinite series of parallel universes.
  334. God crochets the threads of the past;
  335. God makes the world better;
  336. God is jealous;
  337. God is generous;
  338. The church is the rider;
  339. Don’t listen to your heart;
  340. The devil creates a setting;
  341. Do not pay the devil;
  342. Do not negociate with the devil;
  343. God makes room for the children He does not take to Him;
  344. Anemones know everything;
  345. The anemones have answers for every question;
  346. Everything in the world is anemone;
  347. Energy generates events;
  348. God is energy;
  349. Anemones are not fussy;
  350. If you fish for oblets you will starve;
  351. The devil is a hook;
  352. The devil uses love as bait;
  353. Anemones are delicious;
  354. The devil fishes with anemones as bait. All are anemones;
  355. Do to the devil the things he threatens you with;
  356. Don’t compete with anyone;
  357. The devil spins the baits;
  358. It’s a fight, based on energy. Contribution creates energy.
  359. It’s not a battle of wills. It’s not a revenge fight.
  360. If you try to impose your will, you will not succeed;
  361. Roast devils;
  362. Nature did not create man, God created nature and man;
  363. The Infinite One;
  364. Don’t want more;
  365. Do not desire what is another’s;
  366. What is the relationship between soul and mind (Ernst Haeckel)?
  367. Force is related to matter;
  368. Are we sure we exist?
  369. The power of the mind;
  370. The connection between matter and force;
  371. What type of atoms is the soul made of?
  372. You’re in a one stop race;
  373. Will centrifugal force or centripetal force win?
  374. The devil plays with your mind;
  375. The reverse game;
  376. The devil fights hard;
  377. Law of gravity;
  378. The vibrations;
  379. Boxers of different categories come to you;
  380. The money trap;
  381. Some players help you, but all are players;
  382. Don’t look for the good life;
  383. The devil makes use of what you do not know;
  384. The devil delights in what you do not know;
  385. The devil tries to create debt for you;
  386. The devil is trying to put you on the bench;
  387. The devil tells you there is no point;
  388. The devil clings to what he can;
  389. The devil clings to what you allow him;
  390. The devil gets in where you leave him;
  391. The devil gives you what you want;
  392. The devil directs you to ask for your reward;
  393. The devil disguises himself;
  394. The devil hides your reality;
  395. The devil hides his weaknesses;
  396. The devil’s weaknesses are innumerable;
  397. The devil hints at you, but does not answer you;
  398. The devil makes you ignore your conscience;
  399. If you are not alone, you will end up alone.
  400. Friendship is an illusion;
  401. Family is an illusion;
  402. Love is an illusion;
  403. Everyone in your life has worked with material goals;
  404. Make an inventory of what you have taken from others and what others have taken from you;
  405. God is always right;
  406. Weightable matter;
  407. Force is mass times acceleration;
  408. It’s one after another;
  409. Who gravitates around you?
  410. What falls from the tree ends up in your head;
  411. The piece being played now is “Son and Mother”;
  412. Low prices create energy and strength;
  413. Vibratory motion;
  414. There is no empty-space distance between bodies;
  415. The devil plays the game of love;
  416. The devil fights you with your arguments;
  417. Your actions create energy, positive and negative, the negative in a dormant state most of the time.
  418. The front walls;
  419. Only the soul exists;
  420. You can shrink the space to infinity;
  421. The devil seems your friend;
  422. The devil appeals to your kindness;
  423. The devil makes you think you’re a legend, a superstar.
  424. He who fishes you is fished. He who hunts you is hunted;
  425. The causes are not mechanical;
  426. Descent theory;
  427. The devil creates emotion;
  428. The devil weaves the web around you;
  429. Migration of the soul;
  430. Life is a dance with the devil;
  431. God is the sustainer of the universe;
  432. Collision of atoms/particles;
  433. The devil makes you break the rules.
  434. Mechanics does not involve the divine;
  435. We perceive with the brain and the senses;
  436. The brain processes information;
  437. Mechanical work in nature;
  438. The mechanical work of man;
  439. Mechanical work for money;
  440. You will live by your sord;
  441. The devil weaves a play;
  442. Due to this man;
  443. Nature is created;
  444. Money comes, do not desire them;
  445. You move from a slaughterhouse to another slaugherhouse;
  446. You do not eat money;
  447. In life you only deal with prosecutors;
  448. Do not take nutritional supplements, eat healthy;
  449. Holy Spirit;
  450. The so-called believers are not sure of the existence of Allah;
  451. There is no justification by faith;
  452. Do your part. Do your job;
  453. the Holy Spirit;
  454. Don’t follow your interest. You have no interest;
  455. God is a jealous God;
  456. You don’t compete, you hunt;
  457. You’re just fishing. The rest does not matter;
  458. Do not corrupt;
  459. The dreams;
  460. Get used to no money;
  461. You are somebody;
  462. Look for happyness in this world;
  463. Struggle;
  464. Try to solve the riddle. Do not give up;
  465. Whatever it is, fight, don’t give up;
  466. Man does not exist;
  467. Do not pay. Do it yourself;
  468. God provides you with the bare necessities;
  469. Neuroplasm;
  470. Peace be with you. You do what you are given;
  471. You obey the rules;
  472. Metaphysics is the science of peace;
  473. Plato;
  474. Aristotle;
  475. The devil makes you believe things happen;
  476. The devil makes you believe things do not happen;
  477. The devil modifies the perception of reality;
  478. The devil tells you stories;
  479. Confront the peace state;
  480. So what?
  481. Consciousness is born when you say “I” for the first time;
  482. Mechanical motions and metaphysical motions;
  483. TNT explosion is a mechanical motion;
  484. Blood circulations is a metaphysical motion;
  485. The motions determined by the brain s impulses are metaphysical motions;
  486. The power of the mind;
  487. Soul s embriology;
  488. Human seeds;
  489. The development of the organism of man, plants, animals is a metaphysical movement;
  490. Eros, herotism belongs to metaphysics;
  491. The human character belongs to metaphysics;
  492. Soul s evolution;
  493. The mental activity belongs to metaphysics;
  494. Nature and the origin of human soul;
  495. Natural phenomena have metaphysical causes;
  496. Studying natural phenomena is useless;
  497. Potential energy;
  498. The unity of nature;
  499. Condensation;
  500. Distance action;
  501. Persistence of force;
  502. The mental life;
  503. Changes in neuroplasm;
  504. The external universe;
  505. The soul can be touched by words;
  506. The soul is word s base;
  507. Some words are said from heart, others are not;
  508. Periodical creation. Every generation is new. There is no geological tree;
  509. Objects are ideas;
  510. Time and space are ideas;
  511. Force directed to the interior;
  512. Mechanical force;
  513. Nature is controlled by design. Nature is projected;
  514. Because the soul reincarnates, you can not have descendents;
  515. What you believe you know;
  516. Viewed reality is dependent by not viewed reality;
  517. Nature is dependent by the unseen;
  518. Viewed reality is anorganic, unseen is organic;
  519. Usefull life;
  520. Free Church in free state;
  521. Our brains are programed to see 3D reality;
  522. To know the cause;
  523. Individual case;
  524. Univers generation;
  525. Simetry;
  526. Capable of understanding the sounds you hear;
  527. The memory of senses;
  528. Question: Why is fire hot?
  529. Universal Science;
  530. You are the chosen one;
  531. How long are you the chosen one?
  532. What powers do you have as a chosen one?
  533. Constructing nature;
  534. Nutrients of all things;
  535. To see clearly the cause;
  536. Consciousness presupposes memory;
  537. Consciousness dies and is continually reborn;
  538. Conscious Life;
  539. The intellectual equivalent;
  540. Metaphysical object;
  541. Time can be perceived differently;
  542. You use the clones to generate energy;
  543. Clone s war;
  544. Solidification of duration;
  545. Mental state;
  546. Mental health;
  547. The puzzle;
  548. The riddle;
  549. Ego states;
  550. The ego escapes them;
  551. Analysis is not intuition;
  552. Multiplication;
  553. Metaphysics. After physics. Aristotle;
  554. From where do come the events we experiment?
  555. The problem is what you do;
  556. Above space and time;
  557. How do you do so Allah will be pleased?
  558. How do you do in such way as Allah will not be angry anymore?
  559. Metaphysics is a world with negative characteristics;
  560. The metaphysical world is indistructable;
  561. Change is sufference;
  562. The interest;
  563. The state of the mind is permanently changing;
  564. An energy monster;
  565. Variable;
  566. A powerfull devil changes our perceptions;
  567. The energy war;
  568. Where is the mind situated?
  569. The work of the thoughts is different from the work of the mind;
  570. The time in which our conscience works;
  571. Force;
  572. What is there?
  573. Reconstructing reality;
  574. A bridge above reality;
  575. Science is relative;
  576. Senses;
  577. The connections. The links;
  578. We perceive appearence;
  579. The way in which you experiment the world;
  580. The important questions;
  581. What means to exist?
  582. Reality is irrational;
  583. The laws of existence;
  584. Final causes;
  585. The objects of knowledge;
  586. Objects does not have shape;
  587. Objects are known by intuition;
  588. Objects are representations;
  589. Objects are perceived;
  590. Truth is appearence;
  591. Experience is perception;
  592. Understanding versus perception;
  593. The geometrical shape of the object;
  594. The unity of the atoms of the object;
  595. Mirrored systems;
  596. The ones who you owe;
  597. The soul can not be annihilated by natural phenomena;
  598. The substance of the soul;
  599. There is something without us;
  600. The fountain of rationality is drying;
  601. Pleroma;
  602. Metaphysical way of knowing;
  603. The extensions of the body;
  604. Rational knowledge is an illusion;
  605. Modelino;
  606. Metaphysics is science;
  607. Those who suffer from fever;
  608. Treatment;
  609. Prime principles;
  610. The absorbtion of energy;
  611. Unity is Allah;
  612. As a prime principle;
  613. Quantity is denominated;
  614. Abandon rationality;
  615. The devil corrupts you to break the rules, then he makes you responsible, then he corrupts you again;
  616. The devil try to corrupts you with a smile on his face;
  617. The devil corrupts;
  618. The devil lies, by definition;
  619. The devil distorts truth. What he says has other meaning;
  620. The devil misleads you, by definition.
  621. The devil misleads constantly;
  622. Sintetical knowledge versus analytical knowledge;
  623. The existence of something;
  624. To exist means to be in this reality;
  625. Playing with circumstances;
  626. The devil has his own will;
  627. The devil tries to impose his will;
  628. The devil puts a veil over reality. Reality is outside of reality;
  629. The extensions of matter;
  630. Aura;
  631. Give up desires;
  632. The devil tests your knowledge;
  633. The devil suffers;
  634. The devil hides his sufferings;
  635. You create connections. You create rings;
  636. The devil permanently comes with something new;
  637. Experience is based on perception. Ignore perception;
  638. A reward which transceeds reality;
  639. Concepts do not have signification;
  640. What devil takes, Allah gives;
  641. The devil uses your thinking power;
  642. Composed force;
  643. All is from the devil;
  644. The devil does not take them away, but temporarly;
  645. The devil sticks to you;
  646. The devil creates appearences;
  647. The devil intervenes.
  648. Objects have no value. Just food has value;
  649. The devils play God s role;
  650. You exist and you do not exist in the same time;
  651. Parts of metaphysics;
  652. The parents of the generation;
  653. What is contrary?
  654. The devil strikes with gloves;
  655. The devil does what he can;
  656. Just causes;
  657. You do just one thing;
  658. Energy and matter;
  659. Becoming a NONbeeing;
  660. The elements that existed forever;
  661. A priori elements;
  662. Rationality is eter;
  663. The devil blows you away;
  664. More than one force;
  665. Two realities;
  666. The universal soul;
  667. Two opposed forces;
  668. You just love good life;
  669. Do not look for pleasure;
  670. The will is determinable;
  671. You live unhapiness for every law which you broke;
  672. The devil is kins in his own interest;
  673. The devil works in his own interest;
  674. Man is a puppet who thinks;
  675. Science does not evolve;
  676. Speculative critique;
  677. By definition, we look for the causes;
  678. Understanding is based on concepts;
  679. Just illusions;
  680. The promise of the devil is just an illusion;
  681. Speculative rationality;
  682. The metaphysics of moral;
  683. The causality of freedom;
  684. Determining principles;
  685. Find the nature of the will;
  686. Matter is not substance;
  687. The matter ”my own happiness”;
  688. My own happiness depends on others happiness;
  689. There are no reasons;
  690. The pleasure of doing good;
  691. The devil looks for, but does not find, what is correct;
  692. The devil becomes entangled in his own sayings;
  693. The devil throws to you different baits;
  694. The devil has his own explanations;
  695. The devil has his own way of thinking;
  696. Do not use force;
  697. God can not be stoped;
  698. Devil s explanations are continuous;
  699. The devil abandons his own explanations;
  700. The devil fights for supremacy;
  701. Science is from God;
  702. The devil tries to make you his slave. He lies and he threatens, trying to make you obbey. Nothing happens. He plays a scene. He lies and he threatens because he has not anything else to do. These are his weapons. At the end, all is dust.
  703. The devil tries, then he resolves the problem. He tries, he resolves the problem;
  704. The devil mixes you by his own rules;
  705. The devil mixes you by his own justigications;
  706. The devil s justifications does not pass the test of time;
  707. The metabeing makes the devil responsible;
  708. The metabeing forces the devil to resolve the situation;
  709. The game of the devil is dust;
  710. The devil makes the most incredible tricks, for a moment you say “Wow”, and then you wonder “What were those?”
  711. The metabeing responses to the devil;
  712. The devil uses the things you do not want. Because … you do not want them;
  713. The devil is the devil;
  714. The devil uses a manual. The tricks are ready and served based on the manual;
  715. The devil slacks you. His purpose is to slack you. A lot;
  716. The devil lies a lot. He reinterprets the reality. He deceives. He presents reality in a deceiving way;
  717. The devil tries to take from you something small, once;
  718. The devil distracts you from thinking straight;
  719. The devil knows your fears;
  720. The devil knows what makes you mad;
  721. The devil knows what you like;
  722. The devil knows what you want;
  723. Pleasure is a sensation;
  724. The devil can predict the future;
  725. The rational being is created;
  726. The conscience of duty;
  727. For every action there is a law of duty;
  728. Man belongs to both worlds;
  729. The determining principle of the will;
  730. The will is not free;
  731. Sometimes the will is free, sometimes the will is not free;
  732. At the beginning, the will is not free;
  733. Free efect;
  734. God, The Universal Cause;
  735. God is The Cause of Space and Time;
  736. God is the author of the entire mechanism of substance;
  737. The mechanism of the substance;
  738. Matter is conducted by mind;
  739. The neccesary being;
  740. The sensible being;
  741. World of senses;
  742. Man lives according to reason;
  743. The moral principle is the supreme condition;
  744. Virtue is the base of happyness;
  745. Virtue produces happyness;
  746. Happyness is dependent on virtue;
  747. Imaginary purposes;
  748. The illusion of senses;
  749. Inclination is slavery;
  750. Interest is practical;
  751. Non practical reasons;
  752. The existence does not end with death;
  753. A supreme intelligence;
  754. Elastic, indistructable, fluid;
  755. Objects are representations;
  756. Objects exist only in our minds;
  757. There are objects we do not perceive;
  758. The origin of our representations;
  759. If you are not good, the devil plays some new theater;
  760. The devil makes you believe the contrary;
  761. Appearences are deceiving;
  762. The devil does not lie, he does not tell you the truth;
  763. The riddle;
  764. Keys;
  765. You can not reverse a bad thing with a good thing;
  766. Concentrate on bringing;
  767. Metaphysical experiences. In the field of metaphysics;
  768. Which depend on others;
  769. Which are corelated with others;
  770. Life is a dream. When we die, we wake up;
  771. The intuition of space;
  772. The intuition of time;
  773. The Geometer;
  774. Life is a joke;
  775. Ait is elastic;
  776. Events which can not be deduced by the rules;
  777. Sensation does not contain space;
  778. Prime principles;
  779. Prime knowledge;
  780. Matter, not shape;
  781. The aberations of understanding;
  782. What fills space;
  783. What fills time;
  784. Time, elastic, indestructable fluid;
  785. All changes, but remains in order. Change and order;
  786. The seeds;
  787. Human beings world;
  788. Metaphysical problems transcend word and language;
  789. Arthur Schopenhauer;
  790. The relation between mind and body;
  791. Good comes from the interior;
  792. Fruits come from the interior;
  793. Behind seen world;
  794. What nature does;
  795. What nature knows;
  796. You work for your soul;
  797. You work what is properly;
  798. There are no causes;
  799. Find the metaphysical key of the situation;
  800. Find the way in which you can contribute in the situation in which you find yourself;
  801. Think what you have to prove in the situation in which you find yourself;
  802. Ideally time;
  803. Ideally space;
  804. Metaphysical schools;
  805. What is your work?
  806. What is your business?
  807. Simbols by which we express ourselfes;
  808. Interior state of mind;
  809. How can you contribute most is the state in which you find yourself;
  810. What debt do you have?
  811. Metaphysics is a science of symbols;
  812. Metaphysics works with symbols;
  813. The material world;
  814. The imaterial world;
  815. The seen world;
  816. The unseen world;
  817. Perceptions from the material world;
  818. Perceptions from the imaterial world;
  819. Conscience presuposes memory;
  820. Basic elements: fire, water, earth, air;
  821. Cosmic justice;
  822. Cosmic justice is moral justice;
  823. Conscience without memory;
  824. Frozen memory;
  825. Life is like a prison;
  826. All life is like a prison;
  827. In life, you go from prison to prison;
  828. You produce time;
  829. Moral evil;
  830. Primary matter;
  831. Nonbeing does not mean you are nothing;
  832. The human soul, microcosm;
  833. Stages of metaphysical life;
  834. Stages of imaterial life;
  835. Imaterial life;
  836. You are alone on Earth;
  837. The other side;
  838. Create new posibilities to contribute;
  839. Use the posibilities you have to contribute;
  840. You introduce another coin;
  841. You dance with the ones who come to you;
  842. You dance with the ones you encounter;
  843. People have acces to God. Their souls have acces to God;
  844. Mind is more than the brain;
  845. You create energy by being usefull;
  846. When things go smooth, the devil makes something;
  847. The something;
  848. There is a very big number of ”somethings”;
  849. New theatre;
  850. The devil makes you forget;
  851. The devil mixes them;
  852. Spinning;
  853. Controled absorbtion of energy;
  854. What orders do you receive?
  855. Metaphysical orders;
  856. What commends do you receive?
  857. You do, God pays;
  858. The devil electrocutes;
  859. The devil electrocutes especcialy when things go smooth;
  860. The devil build the electricity network;
  861. The devil knows what you think;
  862. Efects match;
  863. All the devil does is justified by the way you act.
  864. Your past justifies devil s way of acting;
  865. The devil maniffest himself differently for each persons. Because each person has his or her own past;
  866. The devil acts differently;
  867. Everything has an explanation;
  868. There is no free lunch;
  869. The devil makes you cook supper;
  870. Nature s order proves inteligence;
  871. Nature s order proves purpose;
  872. Nature s order proves meaning;
  873. It looses itself in the infinite;
  874. The devil overpays for his deeds;
  875. Most people have minimum outputs;
  876. The equivalent of reality;
  877. Reality can fall;
  878. Reality can be unstable;
  879. The eternity which moves;
  880. The film of formes;
  881. Closed reality;
  882. The form is indivisible;
  883. In 2018, outputs were small because inputs were small;
  884. There is mind in the univers;
  885. There is intelligence in the universe;
  886. The world is a living creature;
  887. The soul occupies the hole body;
  888. The soul is the source of life;
  889. From where does the soul come?
  890. The soul is the prisoner of the body;
  891. Once born, you become a prisoner;
  892. We all live in a cave;
  893. The origin of the individual soul;
  894. The individual soul created by God;
  895. The vision of good is adorable;
  896. God creates order;
  897. The world has soul;
  898. The universe is alive;
  899. The universe has his own soul;
  900. The universe has his own powers;
  901. Something resists to stand still in cosmos;
  902. Getting out from rebirth cicle;
  903. The world offers you symbols;
  904. The nonbeing does not have shape;
  905. Matter which existed since the beginning of time;
  906. The source of existing forms;
  907. God makes conscience tests;
  908. Evil is a natural ingredient;
  909. Metaphysics is the science of being;
  910. The soul has body, not the other way around;
  911. The soul is The Word;
  912. The word ”metaphysics” is inexact. The word comes from Aristotle s disciples who grouped the manuscripts which did not fit in other categories in a new category, named ”after physics”;
  913. The devil is the corus you hear;
  914. The devil discaises himself in an angel;
  915. The devil disquises himself in a friend;
  916. The devil disquises himself in a person who helps you;
  917. The devil smiles to you;
  918. The devil offers to help you;
  919. Those who do not have experience in battle;
  920. The heaven is composed by numbers;
  921. Investigating the causes;
  922. God is the unity;
  923. Participating numbers;
  924. Forms are causes;
  925. Forms are numbers;
  926. Numbers are causes;
  927. Does the case stand?
  928. Does the case pass the test?
  929. From them results magnitude;
  930. Number s condition;
  931. From forms results necessity;
  932. Forms are capable of participating;
  933. The science of the substance;
  934. Subsistence is from God;
  935. Subsistence is assured;
  936. If you have insurance;
  937. Geometrical dogma;
  938. Which is the essence?
  939. The science of essences;
  940. Mathematical accuracy;
  941. Primary principles, from which the demonstrations derive;
  942. The devil makes you think he is your ally;
  943. Different primary principles;
  944. The science of the end;
  945. The science of a priori causes;
  946. There are no accidents;
  947. The intermediary science between medicine and healing;
  948. Prime principles are infinit;
  949. Numbers constitute The Monad (The Supreme Being, the totality of all things);
  950. What will be produced will be number and magnitude;
  951. A monad;
  952. Mercury;
  953. The substance is not the body;
  954. The substance are the numbers;
  955. Respecting primary principles;
  956. A prime cause;
  957. The science of health;
  958. Things depend on ontology;
  959. The devil pays for creating emotions;
  960. Primary principles are contradictory;
  961. What man is not?
  962. A nonentity;
  963. A thing is and is not in the same time, but not in the same respect;
  964. A thing exists in relationship with someone who looks;
  965. The negation introduces the contrary;
  966. Distinctions;
  967. He who is built;
  968. What is naturaly produced;
  969. State of conservation;
  970. The end of production;
  971. Indivisible by time/through time;
  972. A unity or a monad;
  973. ”It is” does not mean that a thing is true;
  974. The substance is the supreme subject;
  975. Knowledge is an accident;
  976. The persons who is healed;
  977. What can be scientifically known;
  978. A termination;
  979. Not every termination is a prime principle;
  980. Reciprocical change;
  981. The fish, when it is hooked, struggles;
  982. Fishing drill;
  983. Edited, stylized, retouched;
  984. It does not exist a demonstration about the existence of the substance;
  985. The substance manifesting itself;
  986. Man is made an ingineer;
  987. If you think the devil would not do a thing, he will do it;
  988. The Holy Ghost descends;
  989. Divine guidance;
  990. All become something;
  991. Becoming;
  992. Remain a master of your environment;
  993. Get out of my light;
  994. There is a process who takes place;
  995. The continuity of the being;
  996. The continuity of ”to be”;
  997. The devine becomes everything;
  998. The Demiurg wants everything to be as good as possible;
  999. The divine word;
  1000. The finite soul is part of the infinite soul;
  1001. The sixth sense;
  1002. The common sense;
  1003. The integratory sense;
  1004. The capacity of the soul;
  1005. The potential of the soul;
  1006. Pasive intellect;
  1007. Life which can move;
  1008. Numbers are causes;
  1009. Numbers are substances;
  1010. Essential accidents;
  1011. Sensible things;
  1012. Things which can be defined;
  1013. Inherited in numbers;
  1014. The power of action;
  1015. The power of action which has/makes a contribution;
  1016. Him, who acts properly;
  1017. The one who acts properly is an agent;
  1018. The reality of inexistence/nonexistence;
  1019. The first speculators;
  1020. The substance;
  1021. The universe without corporality;
  1022. Without colour;
  1023. The substance of the idea;
  1024. All things are one;
  1025. Nonentity;
  1026. The proposed end is termination;
  1027. The science of the substance;
  1028. The science of being;
  1029. The number is substance;
  1030. The A R T of medicine;
  1031. The science of health;
  1032. The inheritage of numbers;
  1033. Fever posses man;
  1034. The sume posses the parts;
  1035. Metaphysics or prime philosophy;
  1036. The science of accidents;
  1037. What is an accident?
  1038. God is being itself;
  1039. Him, who had movement;
  1040. Colours;
  1041. A privation;
  1042. There can not be contradiction in existence;
  1043. Art is form;
  1044. The substance creates matter;
  1045. The Generator;
  1046. The cause which moves;
  1047. Disturbed waters;
  1048. Time is a relation between events;
  1049. The substance is not matter, it creates matter;
  1050. This could be corelated with the souls;
  1051. God is the measurement for all things;
  1052. A chain which connects;
  1053. State of corruption;
  1054. Different matter, different energy;
  1055. The sensible substance;
  1056. Things which are not generated;
  1057. All that is generated, is generated from something;
  1058. Light privation;
  1059. Tack, vascosity;
  1060. Differences of actuality;
  1061. Some have reasons;
  1062. Where there is no energy;
  1063. When energy is present;
  1064. Health;
  1065. Jesus is fully man, and fully god;
  1066. What generates movement?
  1067. Fire moves things;
  1068. The soul may be produced of plasma;
  1069. The number of life;
  1070. John Donne, poet;
  1071. A good man dies peacefully;
  1072. Sleeping souls;
  1073. The eternal sleep;
  1074. Love awakennesthe soul;
  1075. Rich soul;
  1076. The soul can be enriched;
  1077. Dead souls;
  1078. The attraction;
  1079. The progress of the soul;
  1080. Andrew Marvell;
  1081. The soul transcend time and space. The soul does not depend on space and time;
  1082. The soul does not depend on the body (?);
  1083. Money makes the soul their slave;
  1084. Money are devil s eye;
  1085. God is beyond time;
  1086. A soul which lives;
  1087. The fast moment which has been given to us (Mihai Eminescu);
  1088. The world does not change;
  1089. Happy are the ones who were selected to be, but were not (Mihai Eminescu);
  1090. You build your fortune in heaven (Quran);
  1091. Words laid-down;
  1092. They obeyed my soul;
  1093. Death s pain;
  1094. Buried in his own house;
  1095. God is in a process;
  1096. Lived time;
  1097. Lost time;
  1098. Death is lived;
  1099. Individualisation is made by the body;
  1100. The process;
  1101. Everything is in process;
  1102. The problem of evil;
  1103. Evil is lack of relation with nature;
  1104. Do not wrong anyone, or wrong to as few people as possible;
  1105. Do not wrong any soul, or wrong to as few souls as possible;
  1106. There is a reality for each individual;
  1107. The existentialists;
  1108. The fate of a moralist;
  1109. The spirit of the community versus absolut spirit;
  1110. Process and reality;
  1111. Describe reality;
  1112. To be presuposes to be good;
  1113. The phenomenology of the mind (Hegel);
  1114. Sweet hang around;
  1115. The glance of the mind (Michael Eminescu);
  1116. Unconsolated soul;
  1117. Chage of thinking;
  1118. His unstable way of thinking;
  1119. The relation between mind and matter;
  1120. Mental event;
  1121. The most beautifull fairy is death;
  1122. The bride of my soul (Michael Eminescu);
  1123. In harmony with the universe;
  1124. The existence of two different principles;
  1125. The unity of all things;
  1126. The health of the pilot is increased by the voyage;
  1127. Justice is profitable;
  1128. Just justice is profitable;
  1129. Injustice is not profitable;
  1130. Touch of the soul;
  1131. Just soul;
  1132. Man develops from an egg;
  1133. Framework of man;
  1134. The frame of man;
  1135. How far can you go?
  1136. Ernst Haeckel, The History of Creation;
  1137. Man s role regarding nature;
  1138. The lack of evolution of functions;
  1139. The just one is happy;
  1140. What else is there?
  1141. The Heavens;
  1142. The most high Heaven;
  1143. Nothing great is easy;
  1144. The revenge of The Heavens;
  1145. The children of the sky testify;
  1146. Digestion theory;
  1147. The elementary channel which connect everything;
  1148. The development of the elementary channel;
  1149. The relation between channel and cells;
  1150. Real soul versus nonsoul;
  1151. The devil will have his cut;
  1152. Energy and time;
  1153. All resumes to waves;
  1154. The spirit is uncuanquarable;
  1155. The problem is 42;
  1156. There is a relation between 5 and 7;
  1157. H2O;
  1158. Fusion;
  1159. Dependencies;
  1160. The potter;
  1161. The master of the self;
  1162. The slave of the self;
  1163. The Creator of the senses;
  1164. The light of the sky;
  1165. Soul s order;
  1166. Disturbing the soul;
  1167. The tiran is unhappy;
  1168. Parts of the soul;
  1169. God is world s mind;
  1170. In life, the body is soul s corp;
  1171. The soul can be improven;
  1172. The soul s thirst;
  1173. Food for the soul;
  1174. Doctor for the souls;
  1175. To whom you give your soul to?
  1176. The soul is like a harp with strings;
  1177. The soul is a harmony;
  1178. The opposition to life;
  1179. Your metaphysics;
  1180. Thank to The Heavens;
  1181. A divine spirit moves you;
  1182. Divine inspiration
  1183. Words which touch the soul;
  1184. Through powers;
  1185. At the beginning the soul lacks the intellect;
  1186. The Divine Soul, God;
  1187. Time is created;
  1188. When time was not;
  1189. The music of the stars;
  1190. The soul of the world;
  1191. Protoplasm;
  1192. The world is the result of the action of the soul on matter;
  1193. The world is the sum of the numbers;
  1194. Figures are numbers;
  1195. The music of the soul;
  1196. The music of the souls;
  1197. Soul has intellect;
  1198. Time s numbers;
  1199. The soul of the universe;
  1200. The eyes give light;
  1201. The interior fire;
  1202. The eyes permit the passing of the light;
  1203. Disease of the soul;
  1204. ill soul;
  1205. Weakened soul;
  1206. The Word is alive;
  1207. To know with your soul;
  1208. Justice is the cause of the world;
  1209. Numbers which express motion;
  1210. Can be things known without names?
  1211. You work for your soul;
  1212. In the soul of two persons;
  1213. In the soul of many persons;
  1214. Soul which can be changed easilly;
  1215. The soul is older than the body;
  1216. Give up reason;
  1217. The devil wants to take away your soul;
  1218. The devil wants to obtain victory;
  1219. The devil wants to make you give up;
  1220. It moves with the same speed as the sun;
  1221. It is normal to be that way;
  1222. Soul moved by fear;
  1223. What moves the soul?
  1224. Acid is plasma (?)
  1225. DNA;
  1226. Life comes from acid;
  1227. Codding pottential;
  1228. The feeling which has appeared;
  1229. Symbols;
  1230. Mental state, influences;
  1231. How do you know?
  1232. Conventions;
  1233. Concept is a synthesis;
  1234. The future existence;
  1235. Words synthetize;
  1236. Object of intuition;
  1237. We do not know physics;
  1238. There is no absolut neccesity;
  1239. What you find out after the event happened;
  1240. There are more than one series of time/space systems;
  1241. God is the ”and” between the worlds;
  1242. The soul as imaterial substance;
  1243. How do you improve your soul?
  1244. The struggle of the soul;
  1245. You are a soul;
  1246. The fusion between self and God;
  1247. Reborn;
  1248. Fully human, fully divine;
  1249. Fully human, partialy divine;
  1250. Eliberation;
  1251. Unattachement;
  1252. Do not attach yourself to anything;
  1253. Spiritual purification;
  1254. The order of the universe;
  1255. Stabil universe;
  1256. Spiritual maturity;
  1257. Ferm universe;
  1258. Universe in chaos;
  1259. The ordaining principle;
  1260. The debt which you have;
  1261. Your duty as a father;
  1262. Your duty as a sun;
  1263. Your duty as a brother;
  1264. The only one who keeps you company is work;
  1265. Your duty as an individual;
  1266. The language of The Gods;
  1267. The language spoken by The Gods;
  1268. The notion of zero;
  1269. The Word evolves;
  1270. The Divine Language;
  1271. Behind the text;
  1272. Outside the text;
  1273. To generate;
  1274. The previous generation;
  1275. The frame;
  1276. The fighters whom are sleeping;
  1277. Life s events;
  1278. The fall;
  1279. The underworld;
  1280. What does this brings?
  1281. The tumult;
  1282. The salvation;
  1283. The sacrifice;
  1284. The concept of God;
  1285. Energy sources;
  1286. AntiGod;
  1287. Spiritual inspiration;
  1288. I can not become one with God;
  1289. They can move close to God;
  1290. All is connected;
  1291. The ritual;
  1292. Spiritual questions;
  1293. Karma;
  1294. Cosmic balance;
  1295. Supreme ruler of the devas;
  1296. Iconografy;
  1297. The metaphysics of becoming;
  1298. The cosmic body;
  1299. The divine beings dominate cosmos;
  1300. All (?human) beings have qualitys and defects;
  1301. God is a being;
  1302. God is the one who is;
  1303. If one is;
  1304. The Gods are in Heavens;
  1305. Heavens should not be mistaken for sky;
  1306. Shine!
  1307. Shine on you crazy diamond!
  1308. Nature s forces;
  1309. The ones who destroy;
  1310. The diety of destruction;
  1311. Different perspectives;
  1312. God offers you food;
  1313. God creates food;
  1314. Paths to interior happyness;
  1315. Devas offers equals devas debt;
  1316. The ones who sit on the lion s back;
  1317. Pigeons come for food;
  1318. The ruller of the minds;
  1319. The rullers of the minds;
  1320. What does the heart want?
  1321. The flood;
  1322. Liquid Heaven;
  1323. Blinks of truth;
  1324. Parts of the truth;
  1325. Small parts of the truth;
  1326. Reflexions of the truth;
  1327. Do not desire happyness;
  1328. Get out from the world;
  1329. Leave this world;
  1330. Reborn in Heavens;
  1331. The forth Hell;
  1332. The tenth reincarnation;
  1333. The tenth reincarnation of Vishnu;
  1334. Reincarnation for the sake of the world;
  1335. The balance between right and wrong;
  1336. Demigods;
  1337. Genetical engineering;
  1338. Horse for breeding;
  1339. The tenth avatar of Vishnu;
  1340. Avatar;
  1341. Man as avatar;
  1342. Group marriage;
  1343. Group;
  1344. Crackers;
  1345. Simple life;
  1346. Devil s organisation;
  1347. Disguised as a woman;
  1348. Diety with more than two hands;
  1349. Dharma;
  1350. With soul;
  1351. Between good and evil there is a continuous war;
  1352. The mummy;
  1353. The soul of a text;
  1354. The soul of a speech;
  1355. Life of a text;
  1356. Life of a speech;
  1357. Divine human;
  1358. Ideal human;
  1359. Ideal person;
  1360. Illumination;
  1361. Complete illumination;
  1362. The myth of the divine human;
  1363. Eliberation;
  1364. Born in heavens;
  1365. The one who is inside everyone;
  1366. Divine nature;
  1367. The lord of the universe;
  1368. Avatar or reincarnation;
  1369. Godmothers;
  1370. The one who sustains the Sky (Heaven?) and The Earth;
  1371. God in action;
  1372. Realizing;
  1373. Two levels of reality: a primary one and a secondary one;
  1374. Brahma brings fire. Brahma controls the fire;
  1375. Brahma is a primary cause;
  1376. Spiritual development;
  1377. The one who disolves;
  1378. The one who C A N defeath evil;
  1379. Brahma is a being and a nonbeing;
  1380. Autoeliberation;
  1381. Ultimate reality;
  1382. Ultimate reality remains unchanged;
  1383. Do for others;
  1384. Divine life. Life in hell;
  1385. Time is elastic;
  1386. There is a connection between mind and time;
  1387. Conscience state influences time;
  1388. Guardian angels;
  1389. Came from Heavens;
  1390. Divine = came from Heavens;
  1391. One who wishes to excel;
  1392. Clothed in glory;
  1393. Beyond nature;
  1394. ”Here, all is light”;
  1395. Strong beings;
  1396. Weak beings;
  1397. If you do not know your soul;
  1398. He, who knows himself becomes independent;
  1399. The primordial father;
  1400. Man looks for excess;
  1401. The self;
  1402. God is pure;
  1403. Born from the same father;
  1404. Contradictory forces;
  1405. Ing and iang;
  1406. Celestial beings;
  1407. Moving obstacles away;
  1408. He, who has a task;
  1409. They, who have a task;
  1410. He, who does not have a task;
  1411. They, who does not have a task;
  1412. Actions against demons;
  1413. Action against demons;
  1414. Cosmic eggs;
  1415. Divine being which can be recognized;
  1416. The proccess which has produced religion;
  1417. People with elephant heads;
  1418. More than one face;
  1419. Hungry soul;
  1420. Redeemed;
  1421. That which burns is consumed;
  1422. The Holy Ghost is the mouth;
  1423. All that is seen come from the unseen;
  1424. The journey of the soul;
  1425. Light is justice;
  1426. God said: ”Let there be justice”;
  1427. God works;
  1428. Do not look for the end;
  1429. You do something because that thing is needed;
  1430. The Messia is the renewer;
  1431. Force of life. Life s force;
  1432. The spirit is life s force;
  1433. All is for your good;
  1434. Mind determines movement;
  1435. Imagination determines movement;
  1436. Seek!
  1437. All is in your favour;
  1438. Believe in The Judgement Day;
  1439. Things are not connected;
  1440. Significantly for you, unsignificantly for the world;
  1441. Significantly for you, significantly for the world;
  1442. Unsignificantly for you, significantly for the world;
  1443. Unsignificantly for you, unsignificantly for the world;
  1444. Rational seems real;
  1445. Manifestation of the mind;
  1446. Spiritual phenomenology;
  1447. Unity in thinking;
  1448. Spiritual life;
  1449. Existence without essence;
  1450. Alive nonbeing;
  1451. There is not such thing as static being;
  1452. From existence to essence;
  1453. You eat/ you do not eat;
  1454. You are powerfull/ you are not powerfull;
  1455. You contribute/you do not contribute;
  1456. Two polls of a continuity;
  1457. You eat/you smoke;
  1458. Process and reality. Hegel;
  1459. To think something through;
  1460. Substance based;
  1461. Free spirit/chained spirit;
  1462. Social conscience;
  1463. Eliberating rationality from senses;
  1464. Emerging conscience;
  1465. Isolated self is always incomplete;
  1466. The leader is dependent;
  1467. Thesis and antithesis;
  1468. Order in relationships;
  1469. Debt which can be paid;
  1470. Debt which can not be paid;
  1471. He comes from time;
  1472. Minutes robbers;
  1473. Oh, no!
  1474. God s nature;
  1475. It is about the journey;
  1476. The devil has the capacity to create a reality that you will perceive;
  1477. God is the necessary being;
  1478. God in christian vision;
  1479. God in Aristotle s vision;
  1480. God as Prime Mover, Prime Cause;
  1481. The argument of the greater good is null;
  1482. God starts the domino effect;
  1483. Redemption can be close or far;
  1484. The third circle in Heavens;
  1485. I do not have light anymore;
  1486. The results of the strugglings;
  1487. With greater light;
  1488. Enamoured of his own self;
  1489. As there will be sight (Shakespeare);
  1490. Time is always victorious;
  1491. God is time;
  1492. The value of the universe;
  1493. Feed your light;
  1494. Burning out a soul;
  1495. Consuming a soul;
  1496. Leave a legacy;
  1497. A priori knowledge;
  1498. Consequences are soap bubles;
  1499. God s existence is primary cause;
  1500. Religion – there is in us the belief in God;
  1501. The order of the causes;
  1502. Which is the conscience cause?
  1503. God is efficiently primary cause;
  1504. Efficiently causes;
  1505. The doctrine of creation;
  1506. There is no neccesary creation;
  1507. The doctrine of creation, possibly fake;
  1508. The mistery of the self;
  1509. Another epistimiology;
  1510. Memory is the past image of a conscience;
  1511. Abandon the self;
  1512. What the universe needs?
  1513. O human being/a nonhuman being;
  1514. Man is incomplete;
  1515. God made man from blood;
  1516. Everybody calls everybody;
  1517. Charging of a soul;
  1518. Soul s affections;
  1519. A soul s plurality. A plural soul;
  1520. The properties of the soul;
  1521. They attach by the soul;
  1522. The soul is in motion;
  1523. The soul moves alone;
  1524. The soul moves itself;
  1525. The mind put everything in motion;
  1526. The cosmic mind put everything in motion;
  1527. The soul s learning power;
  1528. Boiling of the soul;
  1529. The soul can leave the body and return;
  1530. When you fall asleep, the soul leaves the body;
  1531. The soul s vehicle;
  1532. What moves the soul;
  1533. All kinds of souls;
  1534. The soul keeps the body;
  1535. Soul s nutrition;
  1536. Soul s forms;
  1537. The plants roots are as the heads of the animals;
  1538. Water feeds fire;
  1539. Feeling potential;
  1540. When you use your knowledge;
  1541. The principle which gives life;
  1542. Is imagination an act of the soul ? (Descartes)
  1543. Mind is a substance separated from the physical world;
  1544. The spirit is the self;
  1545. The study of ”to be”;
  1546. Reality independent of the mind, of thinking;
  1547. What sustains the world?
  1548. How many types of substances are there?
  1549. As much as there will be sight;
  1550. Carried by the soul. My soul carries it;
  1551. The eye which holds them in his sight;
  1552. Impersonal God;
  1553. A new form of perception;
  1554. Marks of The Creator;
  1555. O human being has more than a body;
  1556. Mental world;
  1557. Metaphysical construction;
  1558. Metaphysical relation;
  1559. Metaphysical law;
  1560. Metaphysical induction;
  1561. God holds the nature;
  1562. The logical structure of the world;
  1563. An omniscient mind;
  1564. The primordial being;
  1565. The independent reality;
  1566. Colours depend on the mind;
  1567. God’s essence;
  1568. Matter is alive;
  1569. The energy which moves you;
  1570. God acts in mysterious ways;
  1571. Reformed judaism;
  1572. Orthodox judaism;
  1573. All religions are confused understandings of God;
  1574. How many minds are out there?
  1575. Space is relative;
  1576. God has reasons;
  1577. The essence of God is to exist;
  1578. God is almighty;
  1579. Philosophy is the alternative to religion;
  1580. Nonbeing is not human;
  1581. The surviving of the soul after death;
  1582. Levels of reality;
  1583. Absolute time;
  1584. Absolute space;
  1585. Matter isn’t the ultimate real;
  1586. Ultimate reality;
  1587. All is God;
  1588. God has all the causal power;
  1589. Finite mind;
  1590. Jesus, God in flash;
  1591. Matter is potential;
  1592. Human understanding;
  1593. Which are the limits of human understanding?
  1594. What does the action guides?
  1595. We think verbally;
  1596. We think abstractly;
  1597. Knowledge is made up by propositions;
  1598. Which afirms relations between ideas;
  1599. Arthur H, Holmes;
  1600. 3+5=8;
  1601. What exists?
  1602. Does the numbers exist?
  1603. How do the numbers exist?
  1604. How does the numbers appear in the world?
  1605. Dependent on the mind;
  1606. You clean yourself at the end;
  1607. How does the conscience act?
  1608. What is based on what?
  1609. The structure of reality;
  1610. A world plus a time;
  1611. Chaos theory;
  1612. The corps isn’t the self;
  1613. The expression ‘On someone’s grave’ is inexact, because the corps isn’t the self;
  1614. Words are linguistical conventions;
  1615. There are not essential properties;
  1616. We can analyze more than the existence;
  1617. Mind generates identity;
  1618. The way in which God made us function;
  1619. God intends to act in a certain way;
  1620. You work to pay your debt;
  1621. Will guverned by God;
  1622. Will guverned by what others expect from you;
  1623. Philosophy course;
  1624. There is something less than totally human;
  1625. God makes the rules;
  1626. Translate Luther, Calvin etc.
  1627. The key to reality understanding is the self;
  1628. The key to reality is your own conscience;
  1629. Your own conscience is a microcosm;
  1630. Unifying action;
  1631. Ordered unity;
  1632. God is existence itself;
  1633. Death means that a part of the infinite ended;
  1634. Manifestation of the mind;
  1635. Manifestation of the spirit;
  1636. Mind’s life;
  1637. Spirit’s life;
  1638. Becoming. What you become;
  1639. To know your responsabilities;
  1640. When not to be is better than to be;
  1641. Aspects of ‘to be’;
  1642. ‘Ghost’ as spirit. Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit;
  1643. The relation with senses;
  1644. The conscience is not isolated;
  1645. The conscience is obtained in relation to others;
  1646. Denying the other person, you deny yourself;
  1647. When you say ‘I am the boss’, you deny yourself;
  1648. Speculative metaphysician;
  1649. The conscience of ‘to be’;
  1650. The world which God creates;
  1651. Verbal images;
  1652. The numerical distinction of God in raport to the rest of creation;
  1653. Creation through emanation;
  1654. Creation from zero;
  1655. Don’t contemplate God, reunite with God;
  1656. A soul having a function;
  1657. Identity through will;
  1658. The conscience plays the central role;
  1659. Word’s doctrine;
  1660. Finding a base for value;
  1661. In death, we live;
  1662. Society of events;
  1663. What does this thing makes you become?
  1664. What does this mean?
  1665. Anticipating the consequences of something you think;
  1666. Experience is our reality;
  1667. Disputes are usefull only if they have consequences;
  1668. The rock kicked by another rock, which leaves a dent, is harder than the rock dented;
  1669. The is no finality, all is process;
  1670. Deviations are for your own sake;
  1671. God is not just good;
  1672. Consciousness existence;
  1673. Existence with meaning;
  1674. Authentic existence;
  1675. We are confrunted by the unknown;
  1676. Christianity is about what can not be proven historically, but can be atested through testimony;
  1677. We can’t imagine what exists;
  1678. The spirit = the internal resources of a man;
  1679. Very permmisiv in using the terms;
  1680. The world does not become better all the time;
  1681. God’s language has no sense for humanity;
  1682. Through Jesus, God says a big ‘YES’ to nature;
  1683. Creative vitality;
  1684. The morality of the master equals the morality of the servant;
  1685. Guilty conscience;
  1686. Hungry for power;
  1687. Sociobiology;
  1688. Death isn’t contrary to life;
  1689. The problem isn’t determining the thruth;
  1690. Those who do not know enough to understand themself;
  1691. We create our own truths;
  1692. Those with weak will;
  1693. Subconscience;
  1694. To be there;
  1695. The business of existence;
  1696. Phenomenology;
  1697. Human subiectivity;
  1698. Metaphysical speculations;
  1699. Variations in knowledge;
  1700. Lived world;
  1701. The lived body;
  1702. How is this knowledge possible?
  1703. Act which gives meaning;
  1704. Why it exists something?
  1705. The foundation of science;
  1706. Emotions have intention;
  1707. Existence precedes essence;
  1708. Relationships based on what you earn;
  1709. I find sense in not being the other person;
  1710. Knowledge isn’t representational;
  1711. The parent who doesn’t love his or her child sees his or her child as ‘something’;
  1712. The is ego in conscience;
  1713. Do you have a nation of the self?
  1714. Phenomenology of hope;
  1715. The dinamic of faith;
  1716. Divine spirit;
  1717. Nondivine spirit;
  1718. Dissoluting the self;
  1719. The devil dissolutes the self;
  1720. Dissolving the self;
  1721. The devil dissolves the self;
  1722. Social sciences;
  1723. Natural sciences;
  1724. Does the conscience have intention?
  1725. Young John isn’t sixty years old John;
  1726. Error in using the language;
  1727. Not understood language;
  1728. Stage of thinking;
  1729. Science isn’t objective;
  1730. The foundation of science is weak;
  1731. Mapping the ways;
  1732. The subconscience projects worlds without which it can’t emotionally live;
  1733. The real natue of physical things;
  1734. Jesus wasn’t crucified;
  1735. What is happening in the skyes?
  1736. How does the number of souls increase?
  1737. How is a soul borned?
  1738. Affected soul;
  1739. Guided soul;
  1740. The creation is continuous;
  1741. Jesus says, before being arrested ‘Father, let’s be one, as they are one’;
  1742. God doesn’t depend on space and time;
  1743. God transceeds time and space;
  1744. God transceeds sexuality;
  1745. For God, space doesn’t exist;
  1746. For God there is reciprocity;
  1747. Your role is to offer;
  1748. I am my own self;
  1749. I am for others;
  1750. I exist for offering to others;
  1751. Creative tension;
  1752. Divinisation is our only purpose;
  1753. Divine justice;
  1754. There isn’t a conflict between science and religion;
  1755. The invisible Gardner;
  1756. General verification;
  1757. Kant: religion is moral;
  1758. Dissolving the problem;
  1759. The concept of mind;
  1760. Logic’s geografy;
  1761. Logic’s map;
  1762. To what we reffer when we say … ?
  1763. What we do, in fact, when we say … ?
  1764. What do we suppose, in fact, when we say … ?
  1765. Metaphysical language;
  1766. Religious language;
  1767. There isn’t robber uncaught and onest merchant;
  1768. What is ‘good’?
  1769. Metaetycs;
  1770. What is correct?
  1771. Divine law;
  1772. Divine command;
  1773. Grow virtue;
  1774. The philosophy of religion;
  1775. The philosophy of language;
  1776. Differences between sense and reference, in language;
  1777. The relation between words;
  1778. Possible worlds;
  1779. What is metaphysical possible is logically possible;
  1780. God has an essence;
  1781. Laws are God’s;
  1782. Spiritual prostitution;
  1783. The transcendence of personal God;
  1784. The ability to recite;
  1785. Natural univers;
  1786. Moral univers;
  1787. The elefant is keeped with a silk chain;
  1788. Let it be. Mother Mary says to me ‘Let it be. Let it be’;
  1789. Food for the soul;
  1790. In relationships, weather is fundamental for everything that happens;
  1791. In relationships, the central element can not be defined;
  1792. The four neccesities of life;

9,178 Words